Professional Qualifications and Capabilities

Professional Qualifications and Capabilities

Professional Capabilities are a combination of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and specialist expertise required to perform at a particular level. The ability of ABUGIDA to achieve its strategic goals relies on the capability and performance of its staff members. The Capability Matrix describes five professional capabilities that provide a common language and focus for all professional staff in performing their roles effectively.

The matrix does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list of every capability necessary in the University. Many roles will have specialized skill sets that are unique to that role and these should also be considered alongside the Leadership Framework Corporate Plans. A headline definition of each of the five Professional Capabilities is provided below and describes, in brief, the behaviors and characteristics expected of a professional staff member. As a guide, staff should aim to align their capabilities within the HEW ranges specified however the overlap in the range is designed to encourage staff to aspire to performance outcomes outside their expected range. 

COMMUNICATION & ENGAGEMENT  ⇒ Communicates and engages effectively with internal and external stakeholders for the benefit of the ABUGIDA

ORGANISATIONAL PLANNING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT  ⇒Manages time, resources and projects effectively and efficiently to achieve successful outcomes

PROFESSIONAL & TECHNICAL EXPERTISE  ⇒Applies and improves specialized technical/professional knowledge, skills and judgment to achieve outcomes

CREATIVE & STRATEGIC THINKING  ⇒Considers options, harnesses opportunities, and develops, implements, and monitors solutions to align with organizational objectives


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