Project Study and Preparation of Site Plan & Design for  G+10 Story Mixed Use Building with two basements at Minalech -Tera, Merkato Area, in Addis Ababa City

Project Study and Preparation of Site Plan & Design for G+10 Story Mixed Use Building with two basements at Minalech -Tera, Merkato Area, in Addis Ababa City


Country: Ethiopia

Location within Country: Addis Ababa

Duration of assignment (months):1 months 

Name of Client: Haji Said Yimam

Total No of staff-months: 3

Address: Addis Ababa City Urban Plan Institute

Tel: +251911488822

Approx. value of the services provided by the firm: 3,156.00 USD

Start Date (Month/Year): June 2016

Completion Date (Month/Year): July, 2016

Names of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed: Ato Assefa Demisie Project Administration Manger (Market Feasibility Consultant Ato Endaweke Fanta (Civil Engineer Quantity Surveyor), and, Ato Asegid (Aritechet & Designer), 


Narrative Description of Project:   Design and site plan preparation of the building and assessment of market feasibility of the Mixed-Use

G+10  building with two basements includes: Assess of the existing situation of the site, detail socio-economic studies at household lev3,156.00 USD el in the site, detail land use study of the site in alignment of the Addis Ababa Master Plan, Road Network analysis, Building Arrangement and Height 377 Regulations/practices, Urban Design in 2 dimension and 3-dimension model development and show building volumes, the preparation of feasibility Study Proposals (Land use, Road Network, Building Height Regulation and Urban Design) and full report of the analysis results in text format with its Implementation Strategy had been done for sites.


Description of Actual Methodology Used: Conducting socio-economic data collection through a structured questionnaire, Establishing Ground Control Points using differential GPS, Topographic Surveying using Total Station, opinion gathering through public meeting, Sectoral review, Land use Inventory using recent Satellite Imagery and existing maps, Road network analysis, analyzing the socio-economic data using SPSS and spatial data using Arc GIS 10 and Auto CAD 2010 Soft wares. Physical data were verified and updated using the Satellite Image and Cadastral maps, Public participation, and discussion with all stakeholders, etc. The analysis and presentation involved Geo-database design in Arc-GIS Software for networks, buildings, and natural features, and statistical techniques for socio-economic analysis.

Description of Actual Services Given:

  • Full report of the analysis of the socio-economic study, land use & road network
  • Analysis, urban design, and implementation strategy were included.
  • Road Network Proposal (1:2000 scale); Land use Proposal (1:2000 scale)
  • Building Height Regulation Proposal (1:2000 scale)
  • Urban Design in 2 dimensions and3 dimensions model for selected corridors;
  • Prepared detail implementation strategy for the components proposed.



Haji Said Yimam


15 July 2016