Strategy Development and Operationalization

Strategy Development and Operationalization

ABUGIDA Consulting specializes in developing the development of strategies for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

ABUGIDA has extensive experience in developing strategic plans for ten governmental, and international, and national non-governmental organizations. It has established routines and systems that were developed based on contemporary and best strategic planning methodologies and approaches that have proven effective. ABUGIDA’s approach to strategy development is highly consultative and participatory by involving all key stakeholders from inception in data collection, analysis, and strategy development.


In addition, through careful planning and the identification of potential issues at the strategy development stage, ABUGIDA assists clients to put plans into action successfully. In doing so, ABUGIDA works closely with its clients to operationalize strategic priorities and interventions by developing implementation plans, costing those plans of action into budgets, outlining institutional arrangements, and developing the resulting framework for monitoring and evaluation.

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